Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Stats

I recently picked up a publication that glossed over the stats of holiday economics. It's hard to believe we're in a "down" economy when you read these sales projections ... 30 million live Christmas trees sold ... over $5 billion spent on games and toys ... over 100 million pounds of eggnog consumed. These big numbers sound fascinating and surreal to me. I thought, wouldn't it be interesting to get some of these types of facts locally from our Innkeepers?

One local Innkeeper, Tamara at the Captain's Inn, not only had a house full of guests, but a house full of relatives as well! A total of 10 guests, 8 relatives and two neighbors came over for Thanksgiving dinner. So what does it take to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for a party of 20? Considering that I'm an only child and my holiday dinner parties typically never exceed 6 people ... inquiring minds want to know ...

Let's see ...

144 eggs

20 loads of laundry ... (and as of today) 8 more to go ... 3 washers and 3 dryers running

30 lb turkey

25 lb ham

40 potatoes

4 gallons of milk

2 gallons of orange juice

2 gallons half & half

2 home baked apple pies

2 home baked pumpkin pies

6 cases of soda

over 500 ornaments decorating 7 Christmas trees throughout the house

and too many bottles of wine to count!

Although she's practically been living in the kitchen for the past 3 days, Tamara says she loves entertaining. "I've really enjoyed spending time with my family. Especially my 12 year old granddaughter. Everybody pitches in and helps out." And isn't that what the holidays are really about!



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