Friday, April 17, 2009

At the Copa ... Copa Cabana ...

Okay ... I apologize. I just got that song stuck in your head, didn't I? Oops! So sorry. Here a better song to have on instant replay ...

Last night we a fabulously fun time. First we walked downtown to Yappy Hour ... a mix and mingling of wagging tales and wine. Gotta love a happy hour where you can bring your pooch! Our furry princess stayed home since she doesn't play nice with the other kids. Instead I brought along our video camera to record the fun.

After playing at Yappy Hour we strolled down to the new Cuban restaurant Copacabana and indulged in some of my favorite Latin foods ... tostones with mojo ... Cuban coffee ... and of course some ropa vieja.

When the caffeine jolt kicked in, we trodded back uphill to Mount Dora's Ghost Walk. Because I was still towing around my camera ... they offered me a ride in the antique hearse ... I passed. Maybe next time. In the front seat. Without the scary music to creep me out. That's a ride you only want to take once in your life, ya know what I mean?

The Ghost Walk is actually more entertaining and informative than frightful. Unless ... of course ... you're looking for it to be scary ... just ask and they'll turn up the chills a bit. Personally, I've got a vivid imagination and enjoy my sleep at night so I preferred the light and lively tour.

Good times! I love being a tourist just a few blocks away from my front steps.


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