Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gourmet Breakfast at the Adora Inn

Are you hungry this morning? Did you have some powdered eggs and dried toast for breakfast at a chain hotel? You'll be wishing you had stayed at a bed & breakfast after you read this guest's comments about their stay at the Adora Inn.


This is the type of hospitality we expected to receive, only better. We had lovely accommodations in the Olive Room, a VERY comfortable bed, and peace and quiet which we craved, having very hectic jobs and only a few days to take off. We love to go to Mt. Dora as it feels like a step back in time, but this was a wonderful surprise for us, staying at the Adora.

Our hosts were awesome, knew lots of information about the area and showed us their fabulous culinary dishes for our breakfasts. .. gratefully, not the random gooey sweet French toast or boxed pancakes. We had scrambled eggs with goat cheese and chives, delicious tortillas with salsa and sour cream and fresh fruits with organic chicken apple sausages. Also on the table was freshly sliced strawberries arranged on a homemade pizza. YUM! The day previous was roasted potatoes and a delightful egg fritatta, bite-sized chocolate or raspberry pastries and freshly baked bread- along with plenty of hot coffees, teas and sparkling water on the table. I noticed fresh orchids in most rooms, along with fresh cut flowers on the dining room table. -

And artwork. Lots of beautiful paintings by Arthur, the resident host and artist. The man oozes art. Arthur's artwork is in each guest room as well as the dining room and living room. Check out his work.

Both hosts took a genuine interest in our adventures for the day and it was obvious, they take special care of their home as well. What a WONDERFUL time we had with them! We have more friends in Mt. Dora now! Try to stop in at the Adora Inn if you can!

Sue from Sarasota

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