Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pillow Talk

To bleach,

or not to bleach,

that is the question.

The answer? I hope you've got some suggestions for me.

Soooooo ... one of our pillow shams snuck into a load of reds.

And what do you guess happened? I now have a pink pillow sham.

I like pink.

But I now have an un-matching white comforter and used-to-match sham.

What to do?

I can't bleach it. First of all, we're "green."

Second, it would have ruined the design on the other side.

Any suggestions for getting the pink out?

Otherwise, I'm just going to throw the whole dang thing in with a load of reds and call it my pink-dye experiment.

At least then I'll have a matching set!

Ah well. Back to laundry. A day in the life of an innkeeper ...



  1. I think making it a pink set would be awesome! Making lemonade out of lemons, haha.

  2. There's a relatively new product from Shout called Color Catcher that works really well to prevent this problem. Might help correct it??

  3. I've found that the pink usually washes out after another couple of wash cycles. Any way you could keep that set out of rotation, and just toss the sham back in the laundry a couple more times till the pink fades? Just a thought...