Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top 10 Weird Luggage Items Revealed

There was an article recently that caught my attention. It was discussing the strange things TSA find in airport inspections.

It made me wonder, what are the oddest things people travel with?

Well, I googled it ... and then posted my favorite (or most jaw dropping) once on Twitter.

Here they are ... Top 10 Weird Luggage Items.

#1: For the cool stuff you WISH you would find ... go here: http://www.unclaimedbaggage....

#2: A bag full live roaches. Glad I wasn’t standing in THAT security line barefoot w/ my shoes in a bucket.

#3: A 40-carat natural emerald, & once $1.2 million in diamonds … wish I found that one! http://bit.ly/wxDSZ
#4: Eyeballs. http://bit.ly/2yvxV Sure that was a sight! Ha! Starting to sound like an episode of Bizarre Foods

#5: A human skull http://bit.ly/3S9a1k. And I was worried about a carrying on bottle of lotion that was an ounce too big!?

#6: Pigeons In Pants. http://bit.ly/QPt1W

#7: Found ... A guidance system for an f-16 fighter http://bit.ly/Gfexb

#8: A Live Cobra. Whoa. http://bit.ly/2nLVDM

#9: Full Suit of Armor http://bit.ly/1exxG

#10: Life-sized Jim Henson characters & the Muppet character Hoggle from the movie Labyrinth http://bit.ly/vdwE7

We innkeepers usually don't find anything unusual left in rooms. Almost always there will be a cell phone charger left behind. If you are traveling ... when you leave ... double check to make sure you have your cell phone charger. We've collected at least 20 of those this past year.

Got any others you could add to this list? Let me know in your comments below.


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  1. I once saw an episode of Oprah, where she did a show all about this. They even had this couple who bought these 2 HUGE wooden crates- without knowing what was in them. When they were opened, they were from Africa-- and had all these masks, elephant tusks (which customs confiscated), and all sorts of things. See if you can find that episode-- its from years ago.