Friday, August 29, 2008

What's in your suitcase ... Part II !

Okay, so after my little road trip getaway, I discovered a whole new list of things that are a must-bring when traveling. Add these to my first packing list and you should be set to go for your next vacation.

1) Rescue Remedy. This is homeopathic yoga in a bottle. Some may argue if this really works or if it is just a placebo of sorts. Regardless, it calms my mind as effectively as two glasses of wine. While still maintaining the ability to drive, of course.

2) Aveda Blue Oil. After hauling luggage or driving all day, your shoulders and neck could use a little of the relaxing peppermint and chamomile that this blue wonder contains. The peppermint has a delayed reaction, so roll on sparingly. I went a little overboard and made myself feel like I was chillin' in an igloo.

3) Witch Hazel wipes. These are GREAT for when you're feeling gritty after a long day and just want to clean up, but your 80 miles away from your next shower. This is equivalent to soap and water in a little one and a half inch packet.

4) MP3 player. Ugh! I forgot mine this time around and hated it! CD's are so passe. You've got to switch them out, fast forward through songs you don't particularly care for, put them away in their case. Our rental car came equipped with a little mp3 player jack ... consistently reminding me of the little juke box I left at home. I missed this dearly while waiting in the airport too. So don't forget yours!

5) Maggie. That's the name I gave to my Magellan GPS navigator. What a godsend! Especially when driving by yourself without a friend in the passenger seat to look at a map and direct your next move. This little thing will get you from "Point A" to "Point B" in the most efficient way ever, saving you time, gasoline, and the stress of getting lost. If you don't have one of your own, put it on your gift list. Most rental car companies also rent these for a nominal fee.

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