Friday, August 1, 2008

New Summer Festival -- The Florida Highwayman

So how do a group of Innkeepers stay busy during the "off -season" ... they create a charitable event highlighting history, art and a popular cultural movement, that's how! Typically summer is hot and hoppin' in Florida, but Mount Dora is just now getting a new heat wave of activity with this new Festival.

Starting tomorrow, there will be an exhibit at the Mount Dora Center For the Arts featuring part of the private collection of Geoff Cook.

This collection will be on display from August 1st through the 23rd to introduce the official Florida Highwaymen Festival taking place on Saturday, August 23rd, where six of the original Highwaymen Artists will be present to meet and talk about their work.

So this all sounds groovy, but maybe you're wondering, "Who are the Highwaymen?" For more information about the artists, check out this website:

If you would like more details about the festival, take a look at


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