Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on the Ice Cream Tour ...

My next stop after One Flight Up was at the The Village Coffee Pot -- Serving more than just hot coffee, you can get almost any caffeinated beverage chilled and blended AND their ice cream is "udderly" delicious. Scooping up the Working Cow brand of gourmet ice cream, a local Florida company that has a passion for an old fashioned homemade way of doing things. Because it's fresh and local, it's also guilt-free for the eco-friendliness of being local and fresh. Sticking with my "green" theme, I had a cup of an old and hard to find favorite ... Pistachio. Mmm.

Recently the Village Coffee Pot added Gelato to their menu. So yesterday I had to go back for another taste test. I know, I know, it's a tough job ... but somebody's got to do it! I fell in love with Gelato during a trip to Italy and was just amazed that it's not more popular here in the states. It's a little creamier, a little softer, and the flavor is much more intense.

We tried triple chocolate (which is just as wicked as it sounds) and also banana caramel that tastes a lot like Banana's Foster. The Village Coffee Pot participates in's VIP Card program ... so download yourself a card and use that 10% in savings to buy more flavors for your own taste testing!

I've got to head to the gym now and work off some of these indulgences ...

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