Thursday, July 17, 2008

Inn The Kitchen

Okay, so I'm not one of those weird geeks that spends 8 hours a day on the internet. Eh hum. However, I did get sucked into a blog the other day and after a small back ache and red & white spiraled-bulls-eye-glazed-over eyes, I realized I had been reading on for over an hour! I LOVED it! It's the Pioneer Woman. She cooks, she writes, she rides. She has punks and a marlboro man. Bree also has an interesting way of bringing recipes to life by showing you how through pictures. That is SO much better for me since I'm a visual person and usually skip reading the directions on things anyway. My oven and smoke alarm will thank her.

Anyhow, The Innkeepers of Mount Dora have an event coming up this fall, Inn Good Taste that is a combination murder mystery event and cooking class. I'm going to attempt to bring you "Inn The Kitchen" with the Innkeepers, Pioneer-Woman style, by making it more visual instead of wordy. Don't know if my little point and shoot camera will do it justice ... but, hey, if Ashton Kutcher can get good photos than so can I gosh darnit! Maybe I can talk some of my hobby photographer friends into helping by promising lots of fun and the possibility of a food fight. And, of course, copious amounts of red wine.


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