Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Guest Comments: Mount Dora Historic Inn

Florida has a rainy season, and usually it’s June through August each year. So you just plan on having rain every day at almost the same time for 3 months and get on with your life. If nothing else, it gives you a great looking lawn, and a reason to leave the theme parks.

On this particular day my husband and I were ready to relax. We could care less about the rain, it would only add to the relaxing experience.

We pulled up to the Historic Inn in the early evening, and as we were getting out of the car we noticed something pink coming towards us. It was the inn keeper, Jim, coming to meet us with pink umbrellas and a glass of wine. What a welcome! He helped us with our bags, made sure we didn’t lose our footing on the wet pavement and showed us inside to our rooms.

The Mt Dora Historic Inn looks like a dollhouse, both inside and out. Very quaint and charming and so comfortable and relaxing. Jim and his wife Anna had wine, cheese and vegetables ready for us, so we easily slipped into vacation mode while getting to know them better.

The tour was fantastic… every room was wonderfully decorated with antiques, lace and flowers. The beds were fluffed and welcoming and when I happened to glance out of the window I realized that we were just steps away from all the shops and restaurants that Mt Dora is known for.

After a rejuvenating night of sleep, it was the moment we had been waiting for. The breakfast at the Mt Dora Historic Inn is famous in this town for being THE BEST. And….OH MY GOODNESS…it was! I don’t even recall how many servings we had because I was so deliriously happy with what I was eating. And the descriptions of each serving were just as yummy! Just hearing all the passion and care that went into each item made my mouth water. There was citrus infused with French vanilla, Polynesian soup (similar to a smoothie but SO much better) an egg soufflés with kielbasa, cinnamon potato pancakes and stuffed French toast. I was overwhelmed by the amazing breakfastie-goodness!

This was definitely a wonderful experience from start to finish. Jim and Anna were gracious hosts and wonderful people to get to know. Make sure you are ready for the ultimate in relaxation when you book a stay at this B&B and make sure you go there hungry!

Orlando, FL

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