Thursday, July 24, 2008

Housekeeping 101

The grit, the grime, the goopedy goo ... Innkeepers probably know best all the tricks that Martha Stewart wont dare tell you about keeping a house clean and in order. We're going to venture to share all of our tips, tricks and unusual uses for regular household items in our Housekeeping 101 Series including recipes to make your own homemade cleaners, how to green things up with eco-friendly tips and timeless solutions you may have forgotten about.

Some examples include ...

... a million different uses for the handiest household ingredient: vinegar

... unusual ways to remove wine from a table cloth (I know one person that in a pinch at a party will use white out. Yes, I said white out.)

... 10 different uses for lint roller, other than lint

And a myriad of other helpful ways to save you time cleaning so that you can spend more time sipping wine with friends.

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