Sunday, September 21, 2008

Going Green Saving Blue

So, what does it take to "go green?" While a lot of things that are labeled "green" or "organic" have inflated prices, there are many things you can do that still save you some green in your wallet as well. It is possible to conserve and save on your electric and water without spending a fortune.

Just this past weekend, the City of Mount Dora hosted a rain barrel workshop where they explained the benefits of collecting rain water, instructions on creating and installing rain barrels and even a fun outdoor painting session afterward. Did you know that during a storm where we receive just an inch of rain water, that inch equates to 600 gallons of water collected from a 1000 square foot roof? That's nothing to sneeze at!

The rain barrels hold up to 55 gallons of rain water that can be used for drip irrigation, watering potted plants, washing your car, cleaning garden tools and any other outdoor water need you can think of. They're pretty affordable, running anywhere from $45 to $100 depending on the size and style. Much more affordable and easier to set up than a cistern system. Plus, painting it is kinda fun.

Last year, Tremain Street Cottages became the 1st Certified Green Lodging in Lake County through the State of Florida's Florida Green Lodging program. Just trying to do our part to create a healthier environment for ourselves and our guests by making more informed choices. So I'm looking forward to adding this new hand-painted lawn tool to our garden to save water and green up our lawn!


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