Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Pain & Bourbon

Innkeepers are always looking for a reason to celebrate. That's just the entertainer in us. Every week we all get together to clank wine glasses, break bread, make sure everyone has heads in beds, and exchange funny stories of our hospitality experiences and our Guest-zillas. Yes, I said guest-zillas. Anyone that works in some sort of Customer Service roll knows exactly what I'm talking about. But I won't be sharing those stories today.

No, the theme this week has been one of appreciation. An appreciation for dodging the last few hurricanes (though we still have our fingers and toes crossed against any new storms that emerge) ... an appreciation for Innkeepers with physical therapy and massage/spa experience for helping us when we pull out our backs reaching for bourbon ... an appreciation for the slowly shrinking number of days until our busy season starts ... and overall an appreciation for each other and the support, laughter and friendship we share.

On that note, our last social gathering was a bit bittersweet. Two of our favorite Innkeepers, Mel & Andy, are relocating for a special work project. While they have recruited fantastic Innkeepers to manage The Grandview, their friendship and community support is irreplaceable. We hope they will come back and visit often and we'll keep their place setting ready and waiting at our social dinner table.

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We'll miss you guys!


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