Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Cinderella

Being an Innkeeper is definitely not a one woman job. (Or a one man job for that matter!) I'm recovering from running the ship all by myself this weekend. Multiple phones attached at my hip (inevitably always ringing at the same time), 4 rooms to clean ... twice, and 7 loads of laundry have left me feeling a little like Cinderella. And thank GOD my prince arrives back home tomorrow.

I'll finally be able to get back in my element, hovering over a cup of hot tea in my office and clanking away at the keys on my laptop. Aaahh, to have time to finally relax and reflect back on a fabulous week of food, including dinner at the Adora Inn, learning to make tzatziki, and tasting some fabulous desserts as a tag-along at a recipe contest. Mmm. Gonna have to hit the gym a bit more this week after all of my multi-caloric extra-curricular activities!

With a pen tucked behind my ear and a notepad stashed away in my purse, I have to admit that even though I'm "green" I am addicted to paper. Yes, you know the type. Despite the evolution from pen & paper ... to typewriters ... to word processors ... to computers ... I still prefer to write on paper. Must be a tactile thing or just the way I'm used to editing. I even think if I was geeky enough to have an iPhone that I would still write things out on a napkin and then text it into the phone. Weird, I know.

Anyway, stay tuned as I transfer my stories from notebook to screen and catch you up on the activities from this past week.

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