Sunday, September 21, 2008

Inn The Kitchen: Making Pumpkin Bread

I luuuuv to bake. And I'm not a chef at all (like other Innkeepers) but I can bake up a storm. Must be my sweet tooth calling. I think subconsciously I burn dinner just so that I can skip straight to dessert. I'll have to learn how to develop my savory side. Anyway, this week, I took Christopher's Inn Pumpkin Bread recipe and had a go at it in my kitchen. Take a look below for some hints, tips and photographic evidence of my first Inn The Kitchen experiment.

As the Pioneer Woman would say, here are the "cast of characters." Two are not photographed here because I forgot about them until after I had ripped open their packages and started creating a mess. Can you tell what's missing? Good! Forget I mentioned it. Just follow the recipe.

Hmm ... already looks like I'm going to need a bigger bowl. I started adding the ingredients in the order that they're listed, however, I would recommend mixing all the dry ingredients first and then add the eggs, oil and pumpkin. (I should have known this, but I was just so excited to get started that I jumped right in and starting pouring as listed without thinking.) I might also try and experiment by adding an additional can of pumpkin in place of the oil.

I wish ALL baking ingredients came with this same nifty scoop-leveler-can-thingy. Definitely keeps you from unnecessarily spilling ingredients.

Saving time is sometimes more important than saving money. These pre-measured
packages of 1 cup of walnuts help save a step!

Mmm... this is starting to look tasty.

The recipe calls for 2 bread pans. I opted to make some additional muffins so that I could have a tasty treat while waiting for the bread to cool.

Yum. Delicious, made-from-scratch pumpkin bread!


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