Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog-on Hungry

Tonight was girls night out ... including my very furry baby girl pictured to the left. I love how our little town, Mount Dora, is so pet-friendly.

My neighbor and I walked downtown to dinner and brought along my shiba inu, Allie. We strolled through the park, past the dog-treat bakery (where she got a good sniff at the front door) and landed ourselves outside on the deck at Pisces Rising overlooking Lake Dora. While we enjoyed the ambiance and entrees, Allie relaxed at our feet while sipping from her own doggie bowl and inhaling some treats brought to her by our server. I swear she doesn't even take time to taste her treats ... the moment it hits her lips, it's gone. Like a magic disappearing act. Ah well, such is a dog's life. They savor their naps, just not their food.

Do you have a favorite dog-friendly business or travel destination? If so, let us know! Allie and I just might have to come visit.


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  1. Carmel, California is a "dog-friendly" tourist destination. Beautiful scenery, interesting shops and restaurants. My wife and I took our yellow labrador (aka "Heidi") there a few years ago... and, of course, Heidi enjoyed the beach and also appreciated the shopkeepers who put out bowls of water for her to lap up. We even ate at a Chinese restaurant (out on their patio), where Heidi contentedly sat and laid down under the table while we were served with delicious Chinese food.

    Best regards,
    Dave Gardner aka EditorDave