Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ghostly Gardens

What ever happened to global warming? I think this is the COLDEST winter I can remember here in Central Florida ... and from what I see on the news everyone in the rest of the country is experiencing the same. It even sounds weird to say "cold winter" and "Florida" in the same sentence. At least we're not dealing with power outages, snow and ice. Our preparation for record lows includes pulling out our scarves and sweaters and covering up all our plants in the yard to the point where it looks like we have lawn ghosts and have rewound back to Halloween.

It's a bummer. Usually our winters are mild enough to get some pre-spring gardening done. Our landscaping sure could use some love ... but it may just have to wait until after Valentines Day.

Until then, my little white sheet ghost garden will have to do.


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