Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poetry In Motion

There is always something fun and unique going on in this town. From cultural to just plain fun and entertaining, our social calendars are filled to the brim with options and the biggest decision one usually has to make on a weekend is how to be in two places at once as to not miss a thing.

Recently, one of our coffee houses, One Flight Up, hosted an event called Flights of Fantasy where 9 entertainers charmed, humored and inspired through their and prose and poetry with the theme of life and love in honor of Valentines Day this month. Here are some comments from other Innkeepers ...

"It was a lot of fun, something out of the ordinary for Mount Dora, that's for sure. Some were really funny and some really odd. One writer, Michael Suib, lived in Key West for years and I guess he's moved here now... he was a riot. He recently has published a book and has written many times for the Miami Herald. A total of nine poets read their Poems & Prose to a silent attentive audience while we all sat and sipped wine, tea & coffee drinks. Codi put out a nice buffet of sweets and it was a really nice experience." -- John, The Adora Inn

"It was fabulous, and quite unexpected. There were two published writers who read both prose and poetry. It reminded me of the coffee houses my mom would take me to in Berkley California when I was growing up ... although a little brighter and the topics more upbeat and fun.
" --Jim, Mount Dora Historic Inn

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