Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wish Upon A Hero

Everyone has a wish. Anyone can be a hero.

That's the slogan for Wish Upon A Hero, a site dedicated to helping people by perpetuating kindness. This is the ultimate do-a-good-deed-and-pay it-forward website. Basically, if you have a need or a dream ... make a wish. If you have the ability ... be a hero.

A hero in need of a hero ...

Recently, a soldier's wish was to renew his wedding vows to his wife before being deployed again to Iraq. Being a sailor, only a Captain would do! So Therese, with Wish Upon a Hero, discovered Captain Barry and The Captains' Inn located in Mount Dora. Immediately upon hearing the story, Innkeepers Tamara and Barry happily agreed to grant their wish.

Captain Barry performed the touching ceremony for Kelly & Darrell at sunset by the lighthouse on Lake Dora.

"We were proud to make her wish come true. We wish Darrell a safe and speedy return to the USA." -- Captain Barry

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