Monday, February 23, 2009

Gentle Giants

Part of being an Innkeeper is experiencing the adventures in your own backyard. So many people think of Florida as all sun and sand, but there are many rare and unique things to do in the Winter ... such as kayaking with the Manatees. Recently we took a 45 minute drive out to Homosassa Springs to get up close to this endangered species. Meet these gentle giants in the video below ...

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  1. Nice post....really enjoyed the video. I am also an innkeeper, in Louisville KY. I'm a little confused about who writes your blogs. I noticed you have two blogs. Is there just one person writing/posting or a group in Mount Dora? And BTW, just where is Mount Dora? I found you on Twitter. I've been looking for innkeepers there for weeks. It seems as though you and I are the only two. Unless, you've found otheres. I started following you today. I'm interested in building an innkeeper's forum to exchange ideas about today's technology & social media, as they relate to our industry. Do you find that interesting at all? I would love some feedback. My bus. blog: