Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cookin up somethin good ...

Lights ... Camera ... Cooking!

I've been working on a special project with a dear college friend of mine for awhile now and we're getting close to completing it! A fellow Travel Channel Academy VJ even came up for a week and gave us a hand. Today we added a few more touches. All I can tell you ... is that we're cookin' up somethin' good.

We still have some work cut out for us ... and while the journey of creating something is long ... it is also fun and rewarding.

A big HUGE thank you to Jonah and Vanessa for their talents and support. Also a big thank you to the Captain's Inn, Adora Inn and Mount Dora Historic Inn letting us take over their kitchens for a day.

Jonah at the helm.

Vanessa adding some energy.

And finally me ... learning to make a sweet breakfast.


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