Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crepes and Brie for Lunch

The weather has finally warmed up to our normal March temperatures for Florida ... a nice and breezy 70 degrees with the sun shining and the sky crystal clear. My VJ friend, Vanessa, came up from Key West with her husband and mom to have some lunch and roam around Mount Dora for a day. They were up for the weekend to run the Princess Half Marathon at Disney and were looking for some rest and relaxation with me before the big race.

We decided on some lunch outdoors by the lake at Cecile's French Corner. Some brie with apples and cranberries on baguettes, espressos, quiche, and of course a crepe loaded with nutella and cream. The European's have the slow food and relaxation thing down pat. I'm just glad we don't have to travel that far to get a similar experience. Just a couple of blocks away from my own front door.

We enjoyed our little afternoon stroll around town and Vanessa, being the disciplined photographer that she is, captured the moment ...

Vanessa always has a way of putting a big smile on our face!

What on earth are we thinking in this moment in time? I know ... I know ... I'm loaded up on caffeine and acting all goofy while Vanessa's Mom can't believe she's capturing it?!

Hanging out someplace special ... with someone special! Good luck at the race pink ladies!


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