Friday, March 6, 2009

Guthrie Guitar

Staying at a b&b on vacation ... $150 ... tickets to a concert ... $50 ... winning a signed guitar at the concert ... priceless!

Guests at The Captain's Inn recently had a nice surprise ending to their Florida vacation. They attended the Arlo Guthrie "Lost World Tour" concert with Innkeepers Barry and Tamara and ended up winning the biggest prize ... an autographed guitar from Alro himself.

One of our local shop keepers and key organizer for the concert, Al Wittnebert, is a collector of autographs. With 30 years of experience in the business of collecting autographs and being only one of 5 licensed autograph appraisers in the States, Captain's Guest Deborah didn't have to worry about the authentication of her prize!

Here's the note I received from Tamara at the Captain's Inn ...

"During intermission the Mount Dora Library Association called off raffled ticket numbers for donated gifts. One of our guests won the main and largest gift, an autographed guitar of Arlo Guthrie. We congratulate Deborah Powell who came to Mount Dora with her sister for the concert, their last stop on their 5 week vacation from the cold northeast."

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