Sunday, March 8, 2009

Depression Era Breakfast

The change of seasons always inspires me. Today the temperatures got up to the lower 80s and when I went for my usual jog I really soaked in the warm feeling of the sun on my skin.

The warmer air reminds us that no matter how cold the winter (and it's been COLD this year!) ... it will always be warm again ... no matter how dark or long the night ... the sun will rise. Great reminders in times like these.

A friend of mine forwarded me a video from YouTube. It's a 91 year old woman sharing her story of breakfast during the Great Depression. While I hope our economy doesn't take that turn, this video is a sweet reminder that we sometimes take for granted the simple things. Such as sugar cookies and fresh ground coffee.

As much as I love a gourmet breakfast, sometimes simplicity can be just as enjoyable. Take a look at Clara's simple breakfast below ...

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  1. I'm go buy some wafer cookies since I not much of a baker