Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Deeds

Need a feel-good story to make you feel all warm and fuzzy in these crazy economic times?

I've got one for you.

How about a story about a couple that spent 4 days of their vacation raking leaves to help an older woman with a chore she couldn't do on her own? I love a good story about people doing good deeds ... I don't think we hear them often enough.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us;
what we have done for others and
the world remains and is immortal." ~Albert Pike

The Havens while here last year, noticed a woman in her 80’s that was raking her front yard. They saw Annie, struggling while raking her yard, and said, “dear, you should have someone helping you with that”. Annie’s reply was, “I did pay someone to do this; however, after getting the money, they never came back to do the job. Unfortunately, now I cannot afford to pay someone.” So the Havens offered to do it for her. She was pretty much done at this point and said, “maybe another time”. The Havens said, “when we come back next year we will come and rake your yard for you”. Of course, Annie smiled and said thank you, but, not expecting them to ever fulfill their promise.

Well the Havens, on their return trip this year, went to Annie’s home, and told her they were there to rake her yard. Annie, was very embarrassed, as she explained that she did not have the money to pay them. The Havens in a very caring tone, told Annie that they never wanted to be paid and this was from the kindness of their hearts. Annie very surprised by their generous offer and accepted their help with tears in her eyes. No one had ever been so kind to Annie.

They became fast friends, as Annie brought them lemonade, while they raked, and raked, and raked. Annie’s backyard, which the Havens never saw, was three times the size of the front. They still raked both the front and backyard and bagged all of the leaves for Annie. When all was said and done, the Havens had raked more than 75 bags of leaves, and spent four days on their chore. With blisters on their hands and a smile in their hearts, they bid Annie a fair goodbye, and said, “we will see you next year”. Annie gave them both a hug, and said, “the lemonade will be waiting.”

Rachelle, I loved this story and have been meaning to send it to you. --Jim, Mount Dora Historic Inn

Pay it forward!


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