Monday, June 2, 2008

Meet Your Innkeepers: Award Winning Magnolia Inn

Innside Story with Dave & Betty Cook,

Innkeepers of the Award Winning Magnolia Inn.

1) What was your first experience ever staying in a bed & breakfast?

Dave & Betty: In wonderful Carmel California. We were amazed at all of the little touches you usually don't see in a hotel room; candy, a live plant, real magazines to read, lace curtains and a view of the garden!

2) What did you do before you were a b&b owner?

Betty: Dave was a chiropractor for 35 years in Clearwater, Florida. I was his office manager.

3) What made you decide to own a b&b?

Betty: We wanted to semi-retire but stay in the "people" business.

4) What is your favorite part about being an innkeeper?

Betty: The guests we have, without a doubt. We've had the best folks for 10 years now.

5) What is your least favorite thing to do as an Innkeeper?

Betty: Becoming "computerized." I love taking reservations directly over the phone. It's much more personal.

6) How did you decide on your room themes and decor?

Betty: The lace curtains brought back memories of Carmel. Our chiropractic office was 3600 square feet and was filled with antiques so we moved them over and it felt like home.

7) Tell me one thing you love about Mount Dora.

Betty: The people. The merchants and neighbors are so friendly and caring it felt like Mayberry.

8) Describe your favorite breakfast creation at your inn.

Betty: Branch Eggs Fromage

9) That sounds good. Will you let me post the recipe?

Betty: No

10) Tell me one unique thing that most people don't know about you.

Betty: For me, I don't like to cook! Ha! The best thing I make are reservations. For Dave, he not only cooks breakfast, but he won 2 awards for Best Breakfast in the South Eastern United States.


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