Friday, October 10, 2008

Grandview Hotel

Ever wonder what it was like 100 years ago? People were certainly not worried about the price of gas since the main form of transportation was by horse or train. Eggs were 14 cents a dozen. Sugar was 4 cents a pound. Coffee was 14 cents a pound. And the cost to spend a night at an Inn in Mount Dora was $2.50 if you wanted a bath. Finding this information ... priceless!

Somethings just have perfect timing. During a month where we have our first historical ghost tour of Mount Dora planned for Halloween, giving people a holiday thrill while also teaching the history of the town, guests at Tremain Street Cottages brought a little bit of history and nostalgia with them on their trip here to Mount Dora.

As the child of the former owner of the Grand View Hotel, Cindy and her husband had a lot of stories to share along with postcards and memorabilia from the beginning of tourism in Mount Dora. I love history, so for me it felt like we had a celebrity staying with us. I enjoyed hearing the stories about people stepping off the train and walking up to the front desk to check in and reading about a time when Mount Dora was described as being a "daylight motortrip to any important community in Central Florida" and instead of using the internet or phone to make a reservation, the preferred method asked interested travelers to "write now for winter rates."

One of the brochures described Mount Dora as:

"One of the healthiest communities in the United States. Located amidst lakes and hills, deep well water with no trace of sulphur, 265 feet above sea level, 35 miles of paved streets and no malaria."

Thank goodness we're no longer concerned about malaria! And as the mode of transportation and prices may have changed, there are a lot of things that have remained the same. Such as, the fantastic weather, golf, boating, fishing and shopping and dining that have attracted travelers here now for over 100 years.

Where will the next 100 years take us?


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