Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tea and House-pitality

I love it when we receive guest comments. This one below happens to have a "Tea" habit. I've got one of those too. It's funny, I seem to go back and forth between tea and coffee. Right now, I'm a tea drinker. Specifically green tea with a big squirt of orange blossom honey sweetening up the bottom of the cup. Next week ... I'll probably be a hot cocoa drinker ... with a shot of espresso. Okay, enough with my drinking habits. Here's a great comment from Tamara at the Captain's Inn ...

Dear Captain and Tamara,
I wanted to thank both of you for your "housepitility" this past weekend. All the little extras like: chauffeur, making early breakfast both mornings, putting up with my Tea habit, parking, sharing our love of arts and crafts of many kinds, and just knowing you guys were there if we needed you.......... Thank you again, Darlene
ps: we signed up for next year so, hopefully we will see you again unless you both decide to become one with the waves again!

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