Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kettle Corn & Lemonade

This weekend was the 25th Annual Craft Festival here in Mount Dora. I remember driving here from Orlando every year to see this event. For me, it was the quintessential mark that Fall was officially here. It's gorgeous outside and there is no point-n-shoot picture I could take that would do it any justice. You can take a look at some photos on to get an idea.

Living in Florida, we don't see much as far as leaves changing colors or temperatures cool enough to wear a jacket, but that being said, this is the time of year we all live for! The store fronts are decked out in all holiday decor -- from the orange and purples of Halloween, reds and golds of Thanksgiving, and sparkly reminders of the upcoming hopeful New Year. Over 200,000 people are driving around, looking for the best parking spot to walk or shuttle-in to this popular event. And the best part about being an Innkeeper is that we've got a front row seat to all the action.

I walked out our front door this morning, cash in pocket, picked up a bag of kettle corn and a lemonade and walked the streets of our familiar town for some people watching and getting a head start on my holiday shopping. There is something about the cooler weather that I think brings out the best in people. Maybe it's the refreshing break after the oppressive summer heat ... or perhaps because it's close enough to the holiday's to feel the "warm & fuzzy" of the season without being in the middle of the stress of it all. I would say this is the most perfect time of year in Central Florida! Life is good.


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