Monday, October 20, 2008

Leander Pancake Wraps

Here's another pancake recipe to add to my Grand Pancake Bake-off! This recipe comes to us courtesy of the Farnsworth House Bed & Breakfast. I actually tried these first hand while visiting them last week and I have never had anything like it!

Basically, take all your favorite breakfast foods and make one heck of a stuffed pancake creation! A little sweet, a little savory, and absolutely no calories ... I swear!

Leander Pancake Wraps

1. Mix Homemade pancake batter slightly on the thin side ( but NOT as thin as for crepes) add extracts to the batter such as Orange, Banana, Vanilla, Almond to enhance . A little extract goes a long way!

2. Spread out batter unto a hot griddle (around 375 degrees) until you have one large, flat pancake. Turn over as you would a regular pancake, though you may need to use two spatulas.

3. Lightly coat each pancake with melted butter (Pam Butter flavor spray works well) then store cooked pancakes in a warm oven (at least 200 degrees) with a container of water nearby to keep everything moist.


4. Scramble eggs, hash browns, (peppers and/or onions should you desire) cheeses (your call on flavors!) cooked meats making sure to dice all ingredients to at least 1/2" in size.

5. Remove the pancakes from the oven and carefully spread out each of the ingredients into the center of the pancake, then CAREFULLY wrap the ingredients unto each pancake securing all the flaps with one or two slices of American Cheese. (if the pancake becomes too brittle during folding, lightly coat the pancake with a little more melted butter)

6. Return all the "assembled" pancakes to a warm oven ( least 200 degrees) until the American Cheese has melted.

7. Serve with Warm Maple Syrup, a little Powdered Sugar, some Cinnamon and ENJOY!

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