Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This week I received a heart-warming story of a serendipitous moment in downtown Mount Dora. It is unbelievable how we are all connected in some way. A relative of one of our local Innkeepers is an inventor of card games, and unbeknownst to everyone involved, that same card game was available for sale by one of our downtown merchants. One of the guests at their Inn discovered it and made the connection. Here's the Innside scoop I got from Tamara at the Captain's Inn ...

"This weekend we entertained Barry's sister from Arizona, Marsha. She was in town for a games-show convention in Orlando and she spent five days with us at the Inn. She is the manufacturer and designer of fun and educational award winning games which are marketed on her website www.setgame.com. Saturday morning, she taught one of her games to our weekend guests. That afternoon, one of our weekend guests was in town shopping and noticed the game for sale at the store, Whispering Winds. They purchased the game and told the store owners that the inventor of the game was visiting her brother at the Captains' Inn. They came over & met Marsha, and we all got together & instituted game night now at Captains' Inn. This is a great example of lodging & merchants working hand-in-hand. It was a great weekend for us and all our guests." Sincerely, Tamara

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  1. Would this mean this is the inventor of "Set?" My friends and I are Set's biggest fans! It is truly a winner.